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Kim Soles will invite you over, offer freshly baked peasant bread, hand you a bowl of cherry tomatoes plucked from her garden bed, and steep a cup of herbal tea to heal whatever ails you. All while you're standing on the rug she crocheted. And, if you let her, she'll turn you into a flower.


Taking pictures since she was five-years-old, makes it fifty years since Kim began capturing what her eye sees. After decades of varying cameras, her longest camera affair was with a Pentax K1000. Kim knows it's not the camera that tells the story. It's the eye. The curiosity. The ability to sense when the light is just right, or when darkness creates the perfect mood. Soles understands color. She will bathe you in texture and make you smile at the black + white ridiculousness of it all.


Soles will also deliver. If you don't take her serious you should. And if you ask her to work for free, she will kick you in the shin. She has made her way through life as a photographer, artist, graphic designer, web designer, accessory and clothing designer, nature inspirer and writer. She also works with children to help keep curiosity alive and feels called to encourage them to stay connected to nature, and to breathe on a deeper level. But this is about photography, isn't it?


Haven given work away for free, umpteen times, Kim wrestles with the dilemma of charging for a craft that took a lifetime to hone. One thing is for certain, the investment you make when you hire Soles to shoot for you, is one that will deliver the extra-special something. The something...everyone will notice. 


Soles' ability to technically deliver the goods, while sprinkling faerie dust to capture the sparkle, will provide you with the image or images that go beyond the mark. She won't come in with the latest equipment; she will deliver the event in true light.


Kim Soles was called at a very young age to photograph nature, people, creatures, food, buildings and objects, and creates a space of comfort for her subjects. She sees and captures the center at the particular moment. Whether it's an orange or an orangutan. This is, what she knows, photography is. 




Miquon School

The Waldorf School of Philadelphia

Taffy Films

Baby Doll Films

25 Years of Private Portrait Work

Jodi Mahony Yoga and Massage


Photographing Home, Nature Spirits Unveiled

Peace Came Over

Mimicry of Fashion

Kim Soles Photography, Untiltled

Swirling and Sixty


Kim offers programming for kids in Philadelphia. Find out more at and

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