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Let me Know When to Look

a photographic experience to open your eyes.

As a self motivated child, I learned the names of trees and plants by asking the people around me. I also asked the plants. My thirst for knowledge of nature was initiated by a camera. I wanted to show others what I saw. I’ve been photographing ever since. 


I remember learning to recycle as an adolescent. I understood from an early age that we are part of the landscape. We are not separate. When we choose to abuse the land, we are not only the abusers, we are the abused. 


The young people today and into the future will experience the results of our generation and those who came before us, who have had disregard for the environment. Their focus was growth, development and economic status. The industrial revolution ignored the climate and sailed forward, stripping away the earth's precious animals, insects, and resources, while poisoning humans and habitats.


Land has been taken from native animals. Air has been polluted in the name of industry. Water has been contaminated and wildlife has been assaulted for amusement and greed.


America's industries and massive agriculture, in combination with the current political climate, continues to poison land, air and water, along with attempts to reverse measures the have been set in place to protect and heal the earth.

Let me Know When to Look presents humans and nature. With eyes closed, the people in the exhibit are the landscape. With eyes open; you and I are part of the landscape.

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