Kim Soles has been teaching photography by inspiring young students to understand the  nuances of lighting, contrast, texture, composition, still life, and portraiture for the past ten years.


Her love for nature photography has captured many student's attention at The Morris Arboretum of  the University of Pennsylvania, where Soles teaches bi-yearly. Working with kids who are interested in practicing their craft and helping them to develop their own style is her focus.


With the changing climate of photography over the past fifteen years, along with the onslaught of digital and phone cameras, she does not teach the camera. Instead, she helps the student to see the world from different perspectives. To notice and feel the differences between morning and late day sunlight, capturing reflections in windows and puddles and developing enough patience to catch the fleeting red-winged blackbird.


Soles also encourages students to print their work, whether for wall art or creating coffee table photo books to give as gifts or for archival reasons. Printing work on any surface becomes art, not a forgettable file stashed away on a hard drive. 

Participants must have their own camera, know how to use it, and maintain that batteries are charged before arriving to class. Film cameras are also welcome. IPhone cameras are acceptable, as they outweigh some of the smaller point-and-shoot cameras. 

Spring Photo Workshops Our spring workshops take the students in the neighborhoods of Mt. Airy, Germantown and Chestnut Hill. Our focus is based on local architecture, city gardenscapes, and ordinary objects. Our home base is at Teen's Inc in Chestnut Hill. Workshops run in 2 and 4 week series. Dates TBA on March 1, 2019.


Summer Photography Art Camp - This one week Summer Photography and Art Camp takes place at the Waldorf School of Philadelphia. Located in the heart of Germantown, students immerse in photographing the historical architecture and interiors, portrait work, still life, nature and experimental/abstract photography. We then work with our imagery to print on clothing, create fine art collage pieces and develop a graphic logo. Camp runs 9am-3pm, Monday through Friday. July 29-August 2, 2019 $350 - To Register: